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Parsons Student Senate Announces the


For the past two years, the Parsons Student Senate (PSS) has been developing the PSS Art Fund,  a funding process to support students in need of art supplies for completing their class projects. Parsons School of Design has an incredibly diverse, innovative, and passionate student body. Those who study at Parsons are constantly creating physically and digitally, and have to keep up with the costs of their projects along with tuition, housing, and the overall cost of living in New York City.

This creates an extreme financial burden for our community, and after interviewing, polling, and creating dialogues with constituents, PSS decided to take action. PSS has raised money through the annual PSS Gala held each spring, as well as through generous donations from Blick Art Supplies and from Parsons Board of Governors member Simon Collins.

As representatives of the Parsons student body, we dedicate our time to supporting our peers, colleagues, and friends. Although $100 cannot fund a thesis, we believe it can make a difference in the everyday lives of our community by further elevating their creative work. We also believe that the Art Fund will grow, and will be able to empower and give back to the students who have worked to define the significant impact that Parsons has on the global community.

Students who wish to apply can access the application online from the link below. Please fill out the application and return it to All applications must be submitted at least one week before funds are required. Students will go through a short interview process to discuss the logistics their project. In return, the Parsons Student Senate will require a short artist statement and a image of the completed project.

We hope that this small initiative can fund as many students as possible and inspire more efforts to support each other here at Parsons.


The Parsons Student Senate

Art Fund Application


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